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About Ellen Teeter, AP

Teeter graduated in 1999 from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in St Petersburg Fl and practiced locally for several years before moving to Destin FL where she had the opportunity to work and study at the Tortoise Clinic of Chinese Medicine. Tortoise Clinic is one of the largest Chinese herb pharmacies in the United States dispensing more than 3,000 Chinese medicinal prescriptions each year.

As an experienced Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist she was able to contribute to this bustling clinic while greatly expanding her knowledge of Chinese Medicine. She was a part of the healing regimen of cases raging from sprained ankles to hepatitis-C.

One clinic patient, diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma became totally symptom free after only 3 months treatment. Another patient was taking 5 different prescription medications for her uncontrolled high blood pressure. Today she takes 1/2 of a pill and her blood pressure is well controlled.

Call Ellen Teeter, AP at 941-727-1500 to schedule an acupuncture treatment or Chinese herbal consultaton.



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